The first and only restaurant that serves Ozaki beef in Malaysia
Serving a traditional multi-course menu, highlighting authentic Japanese culinary skills. The omakase kaiseki menu has been specially crafted to feature Ozaki beef prepared in various cooking methods, such as stew, grill, and fry.

Ozaki Beef

What is Ozaki beef?

The word “Ushi” means “Cow” in Japanese.

USHI Pop-Up Restaurant will be the first and only restaurant that serves Ozaki Beef. Ozaki beef refers to beef from Wagyu cattle raised on a single farm that’s owned and managed by Mr. Muneharu Ozaki in Miyazaki Prefecture. He’s the only farmer in Japan to use his own name to market his beef because of its uniqueness.

Mr. Ozaki learned the most advanced farming techniques in the US and applied them in Japan. The cattles’ feed consist of 15 kinds of feed, such as grass from the meadow, moist barley mash, maize, barley and barley. Preservatives or antibiotics are never used in his farm. Most cattle in Japan are slaughtered at around 28 months old, whereas Mr. Ozaki prefers to slaughter them when they’re 28 to 36 months old. This allows the meat’s flavour to continue to improve as they mature, as well as reduce the overwhelming richness of its fat.


To experience this Ozaki beef journey, our omakase menu will be priced at MYR700 before taxes for lunch and dinner.

A-la-carte options will also be available for lunch.

Among the restaurant’s signature dishes will be the Wagyu Katsu Sando (Fried Breaded Steak Sandwich) and Sumiyaki Wagyu (Grilled Steak).